From processing to billing

All about payments

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One to Beyond.

Only one integration

Integrate with card, mobile, and other payment methods all at once.

Only one application

Our strategic partnerships with major payment service providers enable you to contract multiple PSPs all at once.

And even global

Easily integrate with international payment providers like PayPal and Paymentwall to connect with international customers and grow your business.

All payment methods. All payment providers. Local and Global.

Apply once to use credit cards, virtual accounts, e-wallets, account transfers, and more.


Pick. Review. Manage.

Switch PSPs and payment methods simply by toggling Enable.


One-Line Code Integration with SDKs

Switch payment service providers and methods by simply changing the parameter values.


This is the future of payments

Check and manage all online transaction data from every PG provider on one page. We support all online business, PC or mobile.

Unified Dashboard

Manage PSPs and payment methods, transactions, and settlements all in one place.


Data Monitoring Dashboard

See sales analysis by period and payment method and monitor successful and failed transactions.


Automatic split, deferred, and reserved payments

Our reserved payment API enables us to offer billing payments that fit your business, complete with automatic notifications.


Manage settlements and download billing details all at once

View and download your billing data for each payment service provider with this consolidated format.


The total integration solution for global payment gateways

Get personalized consulting for all your business needs, from international payment service providers to common local payment methods.


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