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What questions do you have about global expansion and payment?

  • Expanding Business Globally for the First Time

    I'd like to expand my business globally, where do I start regarding payment?

  • Local Payment Methods and Fees

    What are the popular local payment methods in Southeast Asia?

  • Starting with Shopify

    How do I set up payments on Shopify?

  • Payment Integration

    Can one integration enable online payment in multiple markets?

  • Local Payment Policy

    We want to test the markets first, before setting up overseas operations. Can we enable payment without setting up a local entity?

Payment Integration, Faster and Easier

Save your engineering resources with PortOne's developer-friendly guides and SDK


Managing All Methods is a Click Away

Conveniently add and modify payment methods by country in a single console


Local Optimization of Payment Methods

Alternative payment methods by country, including credit cards, bank transfers, and E-wallets


Localized Payment Experience

Maximize your conversion rate through localized checkout experience


Supporting Major Global Hosting Plug-ins

PortOne provides payment plug-ins for Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and OpenCart


The Best Partner for Global Expansion

Integrate customer service and technical support through PortOne, regardless of local offices and languages.



More Features to Accelerate Your Global Expansion

  • LinkPay

    Promote your products more freely by using purchase links

  • App to App & QR Payment

    Enhance customer experience with native mobile apps

  • Failover

    Protect your revenue from false declines with Failover routing

  • Settlement & Reconciliation

    Automate your manual reconciliation process and save resources

  • Card Vault

    Switch between PSPs freely, using PortOne's global security standards compliant Card Vault


A Single Line of Code Makes You to Use All Payment Methods Globally

  • 3,000+

    Global clients using PortOne APIs

  • 30+

    Local payment partners

  • 100+

    Global payment methods offered

Global Expansion with Just a Click

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